Why Do You Need A Professional Painter?

  • There is more to painting than just purchasing the paint and a few brushes, even for the homeowner who feels they are experienced.
  • There is safety to consider especially in hard to reach spaces. If you have hired an experienced painter they will have commercial grade ladders and scaffolding, paint sprayers, the appropriate brushes, rollers, and miscellaneous items to complete your project and they should have WSIB coverage (Workers Safety Insurance Board) and be insured.
  • There are hours of preparation before the finished look is achieved, such as preparing the space which includes repairs, sanding, caulking and priming - these are all items that need to be completed before the actual painting can begin. This is the difference between an okay job and one that is exceptional.
  • There is the cleanup after everyday's work
  • The furniture has to be protected and moved
  • Finally, if you do the job yourself you have taken up valuable time that could have been spent with family, friends or engaging in another activity you enjoy.
Life is short...
so enjoy!

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